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newrider said: Doing anything else special on that trip to Missouri?

   In the spirit of St. Patrick’s  Day, I plan on drinking a lot and getting very Lucky!

Artist: Bing Crosby
Track: It's The Same Old Shillelagh
Album: shillelaghs and Shamrocks

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from GWR Pinups.

Pack ‘em up and move ‘em out.
5 Random Facts

Lunapancake asked for 5 random facts so here goes:

1. I love doing laundry. When my dryer broke this year during the cold weather and ice storms, I put 80 usable feet of clothesline up inside the house within 30 minutes of the dryer breaking so the laundry would go uninterrupted while waiting for the parts to come in. Control freak?

2. I took my 3 dogs to the vet yesterday at the same time.  The hooligans jumped around the van, ripped open the treat bag and figured out how to roll down the windows.

3. I dislike compact fluorescent light bulbs.

4. I’m about to go on another 2+ month trip to take care of my Dad after his 2nd hip surgery. Fortunately I have my tiny 97 square foot travel trailer waiting for me there. I’ll have little to no internet, TV or cell phone signal most of the time but the privacy that little box on wheels gives me will save my sanity.

5. I’m going to crank up the music, pour a glass or three of Shiraz and finish packing now.


So my sister went to cvs today…