I'm a woman in my mid 40's. Tumblr is a wonderful distraction. I just post what I like.

Artist: Peter, Paul And Mary
Track: Puff, The Magic Dragon
What are you waiting for? Get naked and get over here, you Sexy Stud!
Bahahaha!!! I just had a very near miss being seen buck naked coming out of the tent shower enclosure to retrieve my towel (5 seconds tops). My water lines froze up twice and I have a leak in the inside shower so I bought the enclosure yesterday to use with the outside shower. I heard a car pull into the drive and looked out. OMG. Thank goodness they pulled ahead past the camper. It was a lady from my Dads church and her 14 year old son to check on my Dad after his surgery. I had the good sense (this time) to have a robe outside thank goodness. I showered out there twice before without any enclosure at all. He has eighty acres and I thought I was safe. Yikes!

… ”Put and Take” Schaper Toys 1956…

A car hop waitress shakes it in “Gags and Gals,” a 1940s program of “soundies” or musical shorts, from Official Films. 

Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954.

Sugar Ray Robinson poses with his pink Cadillac in front of one of his two Harlem restaurants, 1950.