I'm a woman in my mid 40's. Tumblr is a wonderful distraction. I just post what I like.

DYKE & THE BLAZERS “The Funky Broadway,” LP, 1967.

Artist: Peter, Paul And Mary
Track: Puff, The Magic Dragon
What are you waiting for? Get naked and get over here, you Sexy Stud!
Bahahaha!!! I just had a very near miss being seen buck naked coming out of the tent shower enclosure to retrieve my towel (5 seconds tops). My water lines froze up twice and I have a leak in the inside shower so I bought the enclosure yesterday to use with the outside shower. I heard a car pull into the drive and looked out. OMG. Thank goodness they pulled ahead past the camper. It was a lady from my Dads church and her 14 year old son to check on my Dad after his surgery. I had the good sense (this time) to have a robe outside thank goodness. I showered out there twice before without any enclosure at all. He has eighty acres and I thought I was safe. Yikes!

… ”Put and Take” Schaper Toys 1956…